Children’s Garden Nursery School is very proud to offer both Alpha-Mania and Mini Masters programs in addition to our regular programming. Alpha-Mania is a fast-paced, hands-on activity based program that is fun and enjoyable for children within the 3 to 5 years age group. Repetition is the key to positive learning at this young age; Alpha-Mania ensures that repetition is by no means boring and that the children are engaged in each class from beginning to end.


Mini Masters is an excellent program for introducing young children to the world of art including a broad spectrum of artists.  Exposure to basic art techniques and the opportunity to explore various mediums of materials makes this art program so appealing to young children. The children always leave this class with huge smiles and a sense of pride in all that they have accomplished.

Pauline Foulkes - Director of Children's Garden Nursery School, Alpha-Mania and Mini Masters Licensee

Here’s a secret I’ve learned this year: If you want your kids to get their leafy greens, add aforementioned greens to a smoothie that’s loaded with berries. Here’s something I learned last week: If you want your kids to read something educational, make sure it’s a fun story that includes silly pirates and likeable kid heroes. My kids LOVE this book! Like another poster here, I have a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old. Captain Ray and the Rhyming Pirates engages each of them at their own level. My 3-year-old daughter is learning the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds, and she loves to attempt the challenges that appear on each page of the book. My 5-year-old son enjoys the rhyming and the challenges, and he REALLY enjoys teaching his li’l sister when she gets stuck. 🙂 He is also solidifying his ability to sound out and spell words (and learning new vocabulary to boot).

Some nice bonuses: 1. As a parent and teacher, I really appreciated reading through the “How to Use This Book” section at the beginning; 2. The Additional Activities section at the end includes some really fun and creative ways of reinforcing oral and written language skills.

Alex, Eddie, Izzy, Olly and Umber, we look forward to seeing you all in Book Two!

Bob Gardner, BEd, OCT

Bob Gardner - BEd, OCT, Amazon.com customer

Ruth and her team have done a remarkable job in developing Alpha-Mania. The program gives our teachers the confidence and knowledge to deliver high quality pre-reading lessons. Our parents love seeing their children excited and playing with language. Everyone looks forward to Alpha-Mania time!

Victoria Sopik - CEO of Kids & Company Ltd., Alpha-Mania and Mini Masters Licensee