3 – The Fantastic Floating Feast: An Alliteration Book

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Discover treasure and join a pirate feast aboard Captain Ray’s ship.

Alliteration, the third phonological awareness skill, is used and practiced throughout the book.



In this third book, Captain Ray and his band of memorable pirates return to the Letter Lagoon to share the news of their discovered treasure. They invite the kids aboard their ship to celebrate with a fantastic feast. Once on board, the clever kids quickly determine that their pirate friends no longer speak in rhyme, but rather in alliterative phrases.

This book is based on alliteration, which is the repetition of the initial sound in a series of words. For example,marvelous monkeys is an alliterative phrase because the /m/ sound is repeated at the beginning of each word. Alliteration is an early phonological awareness skill that helps children become aware that words can be broken down into smaller phonetic parts, emphasizing the initial sound, which children typically learn to recognize first. In the story, alliterative phrases are dotted throughout the book, both in the story text and the pirates’ colorful dialogue. The Alpha-Maniacs rename the pirates with alliterative names, and children are also encouraged to think of alliterative names for themselves. As you read, draw attention to the alliteration by emphasizing the initial sounds of the alliterative terms.

At the end of the book, you will find additional alliteration activities for the home or classroom. In addition to alliteration activities, this book also includes activities to practice letter formation.


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