Meet the Alpha-Maniacs!

The Letter Lagoon is a magical place. It’s a place where towering cliffs, mysteriously carved with letters, rise out of the crystal blue water. It’s a place where adventure hides behind every twisted tree and rugged rock. It’s a place where you never know what might happen next.

It’s also home of the Alpha-Maniacs.

Alex, Eddie, Izzy, Olly, and Umber are named after the short vowel sounds, and their shirts help to reinforce the sound-symbol correspondence. Let’s meet them!

Alpha-Mania AlexAlex is always on the lookout for adventure. Perhaps that’s another reason why she wears an A on her shirt. Alex is the first in line to investigate a mysterious pirate ship, or follow a newly discovered treasure map. She is daring and brave, but practical and caring too – a great asset to the group!



Alpha-Mania Eddie

Eddie is the unofficial leader of the gang. He’s the tallest and the strongest, and is quick to protect the other Alpha-Maniacs when danger approaches. Eddie loves to be in charge, and although they don’t always show it, the Alpha-Maniacs really appreciate his courage and leadership.




Alpha-Mania Izzy

Izzy is the most sensible of all the Alpha-Maniacs. Although she also loves a good adventure, Izzy is the one who thinks about what to bring, or when they should be back. Izzy is kind-hearted and clever, and the Alpha-Maniacs would get into a lot more trouble if it wasn’t for her!




Alpha-Mania Olly

Olly likes to live on the edge! He dives headfirst into all of the Alpha-Maniac adventures, often without stopping to think about the possible consequences! He loves a good joke, and often keeps the Alpha-Maniacs entertained with his playful antics.





Alpha-Mania UmberUmber is smart and studious. He knows a lot about almost everything! When the Alpha-Maniacs need to solve a mystery or decipher a riddle, they can always count on Umber. Unfortunately for Umber, he’s also the smallest of the group, so he’s often getting squeezed into sticky situations!