4 – The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates: A Segmenting Book

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In this fourth adventure, find out how the Alpha-Maniacs help Slomo protect his treasure from the Greedy Pirates.

Segmenting, the fourth phonological awareness skill, is used and practiced throughout the book.



In the fourth book, the Alpha-Maniacs discover a mysterious pirate ship belonging to a band of greedy pirates, out to steal treasure from the Letter Lagoon. With the help of their goofy new friend, the Splitter Critter, the Alpha-Maniacs create magic by segmenting words into their individual sounds.

This books is based on segmenting, which is the ability break words apart into their individual sounds by vocalizing one sound at a time. For example, the word map can be segmented by reciting the sounds /m/…/a/…/p/. This ability to identify the sequence of individual sounds in a word is an essential part of the early reading and spelling process. In this book, the Alpha-Maniacs receive help from the Splitter Critter, an enchanting creature that segments words to create magic on the island. The segmented words will be written as individual sounds; for example, bump is written as /B/…/U/…/M/…/P/. As you read each segmented word, point to the letters in the book and pause between each sound. Encourage the children to help you say each sound aloud, and then blend the sounds together to create the word.

At the end of the book, you will find additional segmenting activities for further practice at home or in the classroom. In addition to segmenting games, this book also includes activities to practice sound-symbol correspondence, or phonics.


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