5 – The Great Riddle Race: A Sound Manipulation Book

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Solve riddles with the Alpha-Maniacs and their new friend  Switch-A-Roo in this final adventure.

Sound manipulation, the fifth phonological awareness skill, is used and practiced throughout the book.



In the fifth and final book, the Alpha-Maniacs discover more mysterious clues in the form of riddles. With the help of the friendly Switch-a-Roo, the clever kids must manipulate sounds in words to solve several riddles.

This book is based on sound manipulation, which involves either deleting or substituting individual phonemes within a word. Throughout the book, the Alpha-Maniacs must solve riddles that ask them to substitute phonemes (sounds) to discover the location of the next riddle. As you read, ask the children to help decipher the riddles. For example, “change the first sound in wave to a /c/.” Emphasize the sounds that are changed so they can hear the difference between the two words. Manipulating sounds within words requires a solid understanding of how to isolate the individual phonemes. If children are struggling with this skill, we recommend further practicing the segmenting skills found in The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates.

At the end of the book, you will find additional sound manipulation activities to further develop this skill. In addition to sound manipulation games, this book also includes activities to practice letter formation.


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